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Building materials

Building materials

What is LAMBDA

Inheritance of strength and beauty, outstanding technological innovation.
They are LAMBDA's DNAs.

Since its debut in 1978, from bare panel to decorative panel, LAMBDA has evolved in the field of exterior materials.
Fusion of better performance and advanced design.
From yesterday to today and tomorrow. LAMBDA’s DNA is constantly aiming for a new stage.

  • Autoclave Curing
    LAMBDA is formed by unique vacuum extrusion method, and promotes the crystallization of Tobermorite by steam curing (Autoclave Curing) at high temperature and high pressure, making it a stable material. This crystal makes the material having both strength and durability.
  • Fitting shape
    LAMBDA uses a fitting method of joining called tongue-and-groove joint.
    Since a fixed form seal has already been placed in the fitting part, water can be stopped by fitting.
    Workability has also been improved by continuously improving the joints.
  • Hollow shape
    The cross section of LAMBDA is a harmonica-like hollow structure, and achieves weight saving and strength. The weight saving reduces the burden on the building, and the air layer has effects such as heat insulation, dew condensation prevention, and sound insulation. Prevents swelling of the sealant between boards.

LAMBDA creates Cityscapes that are loved sustainably.

The number of construction sites using LAMBDA is increasing.
LAMBDA that protects the building frame from wind and rain, contributes to long-lasting building, and makes walls unique, has been supported by many people and can be seen in various places. LAMBDA makes the Cityscapes beautiful and comfortable.

  • Big size general outer walls
    While maintaining performance and usability of LAMBDA, we also offer a special LAMBDA developed in consideration of larger properties and a scaled appearance.
  • General outer walls
    LAMBDA, which has a reputation as a high-class exterior material for mid to low-rise buildings, has design panels that can be combined based on flat panels by each series.
  • Outer walls (decorated panel)
    More than 600 types of designs and color variations provided by LAMBDA, such as textures, colors, and designs, harmonize the residents’thoughts with the landscape.
  • Housing complex miscellaneous walls
    It makes walls of mid to low-rise condominiums and SI houses unique. Highly acclaimed in terms of both performance and design in new construction, refurbishment and remodeling.
  • Rooftop waterproof rise protection panel
    In addition to durability, workability, and design, it makes maintenance easy. The dry installation method using Lambda as a protective panel attracts attention. Abundant installation results are also attractive.
  • Basement double walls
    LAMBDA is excellent in workability and maintenance as well as waterproof and dewproof. It creates underground spaces which people can comfortably use, such as the basement of buildings, underground malls, and underground stations.
  • Inner wall
    LAMBDA is a excellent material as an interior material. It meets the required strength and workability at a high level, and enables a variety of design expressions suitable for the places of use.
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