Features of Transparent Ceramics

1.Large-size crystals can be manufactured

It is possible to manufacture large size crystals that could not be manufactured using conventional single crystal manufacturing technology.

2.High thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity of transparent ceramic is over 10 times higher than that of optical glass.
Especially, the thermal conductivity of MgO is higher than that of sapphire.

Thermal conductivity of optical materials (W /mK)
Quartz Spinel Sapphire YAG Y2O3 Sc2O3 Lu2O3 MgO
1.6 24 37 11.4 14.7 17 12.2 55

3.High flexibility of shape design

It is possible to manufacture ceramics of complex structure by near-net shape molding.

4.Manufacture of bonded crystals

It is possible to bond multiple YAGs by adding different dopants.

5.Mechanical strength is high.

This ceramic (polycrystalline substance) material, which is an aggregate of microcrystals, has excellent mechanical properties (strength and hardness) compared with single crystal.