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Features of transparent ceramics

Large-sized ceramics can be produced

We can fabricate large-sized ceramics material which can’t produce with conventional single crystals.

large-sized ceramics
large-sized ceramics
large-sized ceramics

High thermal conductivity

Transparent ceramics have an order of magnitude higher thermal conductivity than optical glass.

large-sized ceramics
Thermal conductivity of optical materials (W/mK)
glass Quartz Sapphire YAG Y2O3 Sc2O3 Lu2O3
1.1 1.6 37 11.4 14.7 17 12.2

High flexibility of design in shape

Complex-shaped ceramics can be fabricated by near-net shape molding.

Dome-shaped transparent ceramics luminescent tube

Easy bonding two pieces of ceramic blocks

Bonding two pieces of YAG ceramics which contain different dopant ions can be made.

bonded ceramics bonded ceramics

High Flexural strengths

Ceramics have excellent mechanical properties (strength and hardness) compared with single crystals, since ceramics are composed by numerous numbers of microcrystals.


High corrosion-resistant

Our ceramics have high corrosion resistance against acids, alkalis, plasmas, etc.
Because corrosion from the surface grain boundaries is suppressed to the utmost by purifying them.

Use under corrosive gases
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