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Jun.1917 Established "Konoshima Sulfuric Acid Manufacturing Factory" in Okayama, Japan. (Later renamed Konoshima Artificial Fertilizer Co.)
Mar.1946 Konoshima Chemical Co., Ltd. was established by merger of Konoshima Artificial Fertilizer Co. and (former) Konoshima Chemical Co., Ltd. Capital 1.5 million yen
Oct.1949 Started manufacturing of magnesium carbonate.
Mar.1957 Started manufacturing of magnesium oxide.
Dec.1960 Started manufacturing products using calcium silicate.
Nov.1961 Started manufacturing of calcium carbonate.
Apr.1972 Started manufacturing of non-combustible building materials: calcium silicate boards.
Nov.1976 Started manufacturing of non-combustible building materials: calcium silicate exterior wall materials.
Nov.1977 Increased capital to 360 million JPY.
Oct.1981 Started manufacturing of high-purity magnesium oxide.
Jun.1984 Started manufacturing of calcium silicate exterior materials by new method (extrusion method).
Feb.1988 Started manufacturing of non-combustible fittings (exterior wall siding materials).
Dec.1989 Succeeded in synthesizing YAG ceramics by joint research with National Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials, Science and Technology Agency, and stared of production.
Dec.1996 Listed stock on The Osaka Securities Exchange Second Section. Increased capital to 1,320 million JPY.
Jul.1998 Start to manufacture of EB coated hard type calcium silicate board. (EB : Electron-beam hardened paint)
Jan.2003 Awarded the "Photonics Circle of Excellent Award" from the Photonics Spectra Magazine.
Jul.2003 ISO9001 Certified.
Apr.2005 Awarded the "Corporate Technical Achievement Award" from the American Ceramics Society.
Jan.2006 Awarded the "Ashihara Science Award" from the Kagawa Industrial Support Foundation.
Mar.2006 Constructed pre-cut mill for exterior materials.
Jun.2006 Constructed manufacturing facility for non-halogen flame retardant.
Jul.2011 ISO14001 Certified.
Jul.2013 Altered to Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. Second Section.
May 2015 Started LAMBDA business after receiving business transfer from Showa Denko building materials Co.,Ltd.
October 2015 Received 2015 GOOD DESIGN AWARD (Eaves ceiling material, construction material)
November 2016 Received the letter of thanks from JAXA (cold storage material GLF contributes to X-ray astronomical satellite Hitomi)
January 2017 Started manufacturing of synthetic magnesite (MAGTHERMO), synthetic bematite (ALCUBE)
May 2018 Completion of 100th anniversary technology building
October 2018 Received 2018 GOOD DESIGN AWARD (high-performance sound floor of the highest level of wooden construction)
October 2020 Received 2020 GOOD DESIGN AWARD (construction method using high-design eaves lumber and special metal fittings)
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