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Dense ceramics

Extremely homogeneous and dense ceramics can be fabricated in any shape by our original technology.


Homogeneous and dense ceramics

Our highly-purified crucible over 3N purity has excellent corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis and plasma.
It is a key component that enables the growth of GaN single crystals, which are next-generation power device substrates.

Production examples: Al2O3 crucibles and YAG crucibles

Cooling storage material

Spherical-shaped dense ceramic can be fabricated

By making ceramics to be spherical, it is possible to achieve an uniform and high filling density.
GOS(Gd2O2S) has a very high specific heat at an extremely low temperature of 4K, so it is used as the most important component of 4K refrigerators used for cooling superconducting magnets for MRI and NMR.

Cooling storage material
Production examples : Gd2O2S、GdAlO3

Please feel free to contact us about densification of other materials.

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