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Optical isolator(TGG)

Isolator transmits the light only one direction and remove the reflected and returned light

It is used as a unit combined with optical fiber. TGG (Tb3Ga5O12) has a higher Verdet constant than the existing Tb-doped glass and exhibits an excellent Faraday effect.
And it can be combined for high-power laser, since it has high thermal conductivity.
TAG (Tb3Al5O12), which has higher performance than TGG, is also under development. [R&D page]


① Incident light is rotated 45 degrees by Faraday rotator
② The returned light is further rotated by 45 degrees, and removed by polarizer1.

Tb-doped glass TGG
Verdet constant [rad/Tm] 20 36
Thermal conductivity [W/mK] 0.7 5.0
TGG ceramics
TGG ceramics
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