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Management policy

Putting our customer satisfaction first and contributing broader and deeper to society

More than 100 years have passed since our company founded in 1917.
As an inorganic chemical manufacturer, we have challenged to pursue specialization, differentiation, and functionalization with the idea "our customer satisfaction is the first priority" since our company was founded.

Not limited to one field, "broader and deeper" we have supported the foundation of life such as value-added materials high purity of 99.9% or more, ceramic building materials of high-performance molded products, and the world's only ceramic products by our unique transparency technology.
We will continue to develop diversified products, while using effectively the accumulated technology, and find corporate value by "contributing to society" at large.



Founded in 1917 in Konoshima, Kasaoka city, Okayama prefecture as Konoshima Sulfuric Acid Factory changed its name to Konoshima Artificial Fertilizer Co., Ltd. and started as a chemical fertilizer company.
Established as the current Konoshima Chemical Co., Ltd. in 1946, by a merger with former Konoshima Chemical Co., Ltd.

At the time of our company's founding, we were manufacturing "fertilizer". And by making use of that technology, we started the roots of chemicals, "Manufacturing magnesium chloride and magnesium sulfate", which is still a business that continues to this day.
After that, while housing demand increased with high growth, we also started "manufacturing calcium silicate board for a non-combustible building materials".
Furthermore, in recent years, we have started manufacturing our original ceramics to strengthen our chemical business.
In this way, we develop, manufacture, and sell products that are sensitive to the demands of the times.

Company emblem

The shape of an equilateral triangle wrapped in three circles shows that capital, management, and labor are working together.

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