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Building materials

Building materials

About base material

About Fiber Reinforced Cement Siding

Fiber Reinforced Cement Siding
As exterior wall materials used in Japanese houses, there are dry materials such as Fiber Reinforced Cement Siding, metal siding, ALC, tile, and wet materials such as mortar and plaster.
Fiber Reinforced Cement Siding has abundant designs, high fire resistance performance, and standard installation methods have been established for ventilation installation methods, and are used in more than 70% of newly built detached houses.

About base material composition

Fiber Reinforced Cement Siding
Konoshima’s Fiber Reinforced Cement Siding is made by an extrusion method that mixes lime, silicic acid and fibrous material and extrudes it from a special mold.
After molding, the base material is finished through a process called autoclave curing, which uses high-temperature steam in a high-pressure steam oven to accelerate hardening of the base material (crystallization of Tobermorite).
As a result, a base material with excellent dimensional stability and freezing damage resistance is finished.

About base material size and physical characteristics

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