High-purity Magnesium Hydroxide


* High-purity magnesium hydroxide is highly pure with less than 100 ppm in total impurities. In particular, the amount of metal impurities are low.
* High-purity magnesium hydroxide is excellent in dispersibility. It has a relatively sharp particle size distribution with an average particle diameter of approx. 1um.
* In high-purity magnesium hydroxide, the particle diameter can be adjusted according to the application.

Typically Characteristics Analysis
Specific Surface Area (BET) (m2/g) 5
Average Particle Size(um) 1.2
Bulk Density(g/ml) 0.38
Moisture(%) 0.2
Loss on Ignition(%) 30.4
MgO(%) 69.0
Ca(ppm) 1
S(ppm) 11
Cl(ppm) 14
Na(ppm) 9
K(ppm) <1
B(ppm) <1
Al(ppm) <1
P(ppm) <1
Mn(ppm) 3
Cr(ppm) 2
Cu(ppm) 1
Fe(ppm) 6
Si(ppm) 9
SEM photographs Particle Size Distribution
SEM photographs Particle size distribution